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attempto! 45:

- Discovering new worlds with mathematics

- How hormones affect our eating habits

- Researchers teach machines to see

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Universities for openess, tolerance and against xenophobia
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Press Releases


Carbon coating gives biochar its garden-greening power

Field experiment in Switzerland: Set-up of compost windrows from mixed manure before adding the biochar.

Geomicrobiologists from the University of Tübingen aim to elucidate mechanisms of nitrate storage during composting


New procedure enables cultivation of human brain sections in the petri dish

Human nerve cells cultivated in cerebrospinal fluid retain their structure and function after two weeks (left). Cells in the standard fluid (right) die early. Copyright: Niklas Schwarz & Henner Koch, 2017

Tübingen researchers open up new possibilities in brain tissue research


Sizing up our ape past

Researchers suggest the last common ancestor of the apes was substantially smaller than previously thought