P8: cGMP and visual signal processing in the inner retina


To study the role of cGMP pathways for visual signal processing in bipolar cells of the mouse retina.

Questions and Methods

cGMP and Visual Signal Processing

Boston Internship

Makino Lab

During the visit of the Makino lab in Boston, the doctoral students will be trained to learn the cGMP cascade and its modulation in photoreceptors.

Thus, with combined knowledge of cGMP both in the outer retina and inner retina, the doctoral student will gain an overview of cGMP-related adaptation through the entire retinal network.

Boston Co-mentor

Assoc. Prof. Clint L. Makino, PhD

Link to boston researcher lab

Doctoral Students

Dominic Gonschorek

Dominic Gonschorek obtained his B.Sc. in Biology at the Free University of Berlin focusing on Neurobiology and Biomedicine. He continued his studies by earning a Master's degree in Neuroscience at the Carl-von-Ossietzky University of Oldenburg where he primarily focused on neurosensory systems, experimental and computational Neuroscience. This combination led Dominic to pursue his doctoral studies in the lab of Thomas Euler. Here, he investigates the role of cGMP pathways for visual signal processing in bipolar cells of the mouse retina.

Tom Schwerd-Kleine

Tom Schwerd-Kleine obtained his B.Sc. in Integrated Life Science at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany. There, he gained a broad knowledge about research in the life sciences. For his bachelor’s thesis he joined the lab of Prof. Dr. J.H. Brandstätter, where he characterised phenotypical consequences in the retina of a conditional knockout mouse line. This thesis sparked his interest in neuroscience research which led Tom to the Technical University of Munich, where he studied Biomedical Neuroscience. In his master’s thesis he joined the lab of Prof. Dr. T. Misgeld with the aim to establish a genetically encoded fluorescent sensor to measure intracellular ATP concentrations in the model of larval zebrafish in vivo. To combine the knowledge which he gained both in Erlangen and Munich, Tom decided to pursue his PhD in the lab of Thomas Euler. The aim of his project will be to elucidate potential neuromodular influences of cGMP on signal processing in the mouse retina.

Key Publications

Franke K*, Berens P*, Schubert T, Bethge M, Euler T#, Baden T#. Inhibition decorrelates visual feature representations in the inner retina. Nature 2017;542:439-44 10.1038/nature21394.

Euler T, Haverkamp S, Schubert T, Baden T. Retinal bipolar cells: elementary building blocks of vision. Nature Rev Neurosci. 2014;15:507-19