Education & Outreach

Our research group is interested in applying the scientific information we produce through different public outreach venues. These outreach activities range from educational videos on natural hazards, science movies and animations to giving public lectures to the community and schools. Some of our activities are highlighted below.

Education & Outreach Presentations

 *ESD group members

*Übernickel, K., von Blanckenburg, F., *Ehlers, T.A., 2020, The Skin of the Earth - Where Life meets Rocks - A science Movie, #share EGU online (EGU page here, pdf of presentation here)

*Übernickel, K. and *Ehlers, T.A., 2019, The Skin of the Earth - Where Life meets Rocks, Movie presentation to the public, Café Haag, Tübingen, Germany.

*von Blanckenburg, F. and *Übernickel, K., 2019, The Skin of the Earth - Where Life meets Rocks, Movie Premier at Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam

*Mohadjer, S., *Mutz, S., Ischuk, A., and *Ehlers, T.A., 2019, Overcoming challenges in earthquake education: A case study from Tajikistan, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. (PDF here

*Mohadjer, S., *Mutz, S., Amey, R., *Drews, R., Kemp, M., Kloos, P.,  Mitchell, L., *Nettesheim, M., Gill, S., *Starke, J., *Ehlers, T.A., 2018, Using paired teaching for earthquake education in schools, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. (PDF here, Download Poster here)


Free Resources for Educators

Our research group has created earthquake education kits for school teachers to borrow for educational puposes. The kits contain instructions and materials for hands-on activities shown in our earthquake education videos (see below). Please contact Solmaz Mohadjer for more information and for requesting a kit. 



Video Library

Educational videos related to biota and surface processes

To raise awareness of geosciences outside the scientific community, our research group members realized different actions:

The EarthShape project (DFG SPP 1803, has made a science movie available in English, Spanish or German, including some animations that may also be used uncoupled from the movie. The movie presents the projects research in Chile and explains concepts of interaction between tectonics, climate, time scales and biota.The videos are available on youtube and also on the German TIB AV-Portal

Educational videos related to seismic hazards

For Earthquake education, together with students and scientists from universities in the United Kingdom have created a series of video lessons on earthquake education. The videos are visual versions of lesson plans developed and evaluated by the ParsQuake team. The "teaching duet" online pedagogy used in the videos is modelled after the approach developed by MIT BLOSSOMS. This project was funded by the European Geosciences Union Public Engagement Grant to Solmaz Mohadjer.

Ongoing development and classroom testing of the videos in different countries is supported by BMBF project 03G087D to Todd Ehlers.  Translations of the videos into German and other languages are available here