The SFB abroad

The members of the SFB 833 have visited some conferences and workshops during the last months. They will attend several conferences, workshops and summer schools or will be on research stays in the following months.

  • Barbara Kaup, Emanuel Schütt, Elena Albu, Franziska Rück & Francesca Capuano (B4/Z2), “TeaP (Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen) 2019” (London), April 2019.
  • Paula Menéndez Benito (ass. C1), “SALT (Semantics and Linguistic Theory) 29” (Los Angeles), May 2019.
  • Vera Hohaus (B1), “Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association 26 (AFLA26)” (University of Western Ontario), May 2019. Article
  • Sigrid Beck (A2/C1/Z1/Z2) & Konstantin Sachs (C1), "Approaches to Wh-intervention" (Singapore), June 2019. Instragram
  • Robin Hörnig (Z2), “LingCologne“ (Cologne), June 2019.
  • Paula Menéndez Benito (ass. C1), “Expressing Evidence“ (Konstanz), June 2019.
  • Kalle Müller (C6), “International Pragmatics Association (IPrA)“ (Hongkong), June 2019.
  • Cosima Schneider (B2), “Psycholinguistics in Islands - Parsing and prediction" (Reykjavik), June 2019.
  • Nadine Bade (XPrag), “XPrag 2019“ (Edinburgh), June 2019
  • Robin Hörnig (Z2), “Deixis in Language” (Rijeka, Croatia), June 2019.
  • Sigrid Beck (A2/C1/Z1/Z2), “Asymmetries in Language: Presuppositions and beyond” (Berlin), July 2019.
  • Björn Rudzewitz (A4/T1), “Educational Data Mining 2019” (Montreal), July 2019.
  • Giuliano Armenante (B1), Summer school “CreteLing” (Crete), July 2019.
  • Nadine Bade (XPrag), “CogSci (Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society) 2019“ & research stay in Montreal & Philadelphia, July to August 2019.
  • Kordula De Kuthy (A4/T1), “13th Linguistic Annotation Workshop” (Florenz), July/August 2019.
  • Vera Hohaus (B1), field work in Apia/Samoa, August to September 2019.
  • Edith Scheifele (B7), “ESSLLI (European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information)” (Riga/Lithuania), August 2019.
  • Sigrid Beck (A2/C1/Z1/Z2) & Barbara Kaup (B4/Z2) will give lectures at the “XPrag Summer School” in Berlin in August 2019. Julia Braun (A2), Andreas Kehl (A7), Alvaro Cortés Rodríguez (A7), Nadine Balbach (B2), Moritz Igel (C1) and Lydia Momma (C7) will take part.
  • Linda von Sobbe (B7), research stay at University of Trient, September 2019 until February 2020.
  • Fabian Schlotterbeck (ass. B1), research stay at University of Amsterdam, September 2019 until December 2019.
  • The projects B1, B7, B8 and B9 will represent the SFB at “AMLaP (Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing Conference) 2019“ in Moscow in September 2019. Petra Augurzky, Rolf Ulrich, Fabian Schlotterbeck & Vera Hohaus (B1); Edith Scheifele, Linda von Sobbe & Claudia Maienborn (B7); Britta Stolterfoht & Larissa Specht (B8); Claudia Friedrich, Andrea Weber, Sara Beck & Ruth Keßler (B9) will present posters there.
  • Larissa Specht (B8), Summer school “Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology” (Potsdam), September 2019.
  • Kalle Müller (C6), “Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 11“ (Warsaw), September 2019.
  • Linda von Sobbe (B7), “ESCoP (European Society for Cognitive Psychology) 2019“ (Tenerife), September 2019.