Event semantics 2020

This year marks the 20th anniversary of this workshop series. Welcoming novel contributions on and/or involving event semantics, this workshop presents a venue to discuss work, even if it is work in progress, in an informal and friendly setting aimed at maximizing meaningful scientific exchange.

The workshop is a joint event by the projects A1, A5, and B8, organized by Martin Schäfer and Sebastian Bücking.

The workshop will be held virtually, using zoom. Everybody is welcome to attend. To attend, please send an email to Martin (postATmartinschaefer.info), so that we can provide you with the zoom details.

Invited speaker


Book of abstracts

Friday, 06.11.2020

  • Morning session (Chair: Martin Schäfer)

    • 09:30-9:40 Welcome and opening remarks

    • 09:40-10:40 What does it mean to double states? (Tanja Zybatow)

  • Break

  • Late morning session (Chair: Britta Stolterfoht)

    • 11:00-11:40 Factual imperfective contexts in Polish (Dorota Klimek-Jankowska)

    • 11:40-12:20 To be, or not to be friendly. Experiments on agentivity in copular sentences (Anna Prysłopska)

  • Lunch break

  • Early afternoon session (Chair: Regina Zieleke)

    • 14:00-14:40 On tropes, states, and the combinatorics of the copula werden in German (Sebastian Bücking/Edith Scheifele)

    • 14:40-15:20 Zum Schreien knifflig: Zum-Präpositionalphrasen als Adjektivintensivierer (Maria Ermakova/Juliane Nau/Julia Lukassek)

  • Break (with zoom rooms for those who want company)

  • Afternoon session (Chair: Claudia Maienborn)

    • 15:40-16:20 Toward a semantics for name-name-blends (Sven Kotowski/Sabine Arndt-Lappe/Milena Belosevic/Natalia Filatkina/Audrey Martin)

    • 16:20-17:00 Calling things by their names – An experimental study on the referential status of nouns used in name-informing quotation (Álvaro Cortés Rodríguez/Kristina Weissbecker/Holden Härtl)

  • Break

  • Late afternoon session (Chair: Martin Schäfer)

    • 17:20-18:00 Non-manner HOW-clauses across languages (Carla Umbach)

  • 20:00-21:30 Social Zoom


Saturday, 07.11.2020

  • Morning session (Chair: Sebastian Bücking)

    • 10:00-10:40 Bavarian complex 'der'-verbs and temporal adverbials (Jakob Majdič/Sarah Zobel)

    • 10:40-11:20 Automatische Klassifikation von Aspekt (Markus Egg)

  • Break

  • Afternoon session (Chair: Judith Lauterbach)

    • 11:40-12:20 Idioms and aspectual architecture in Polish (Dorota Klimek-Jankowska/Joanna Błaszczak)

    • 12:20-13:00 Non-literal verb semantics (Katherine Fraser)

  • Lunch break

  • Final session (Chair: Irene Rapp)

    • 14:20-15:00 Non-deverbal nominalizations and events (Viktoria Schneider)

    • 15:00-15:40 Revisting Olga, the beautiful dancer: An intersective A-analysis (Claudia Maienborn)

    • 15:40-15:50 Schlussworte



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