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Tagungen und Workshops

6. und 7. Juli 2019

Workshop der Fachschaft Kognitionswissenschaft mit Dr. Mark Miller (Edinburgh)
Entangled Predictions.

We are in the midst of an exciting paradigm shift in cognitive and computational neuroscience. Researchers today are increasingly describing the human brain as a multi-level prediction engine. The now well known ‘Predictive Processing’ framework, one possible version of this story, has proven itself capable of elucidating and integrating various information processing strategies that underlie perception, reasoning, and action. But how, if at all, do feelings, emotions and moods fit into this emerging picture? The fit, so we have been arguing, is both profound and potentially transformative of the framework. For this event, we will be discussing some of Dr. Mark Miller recent research with Andy Clark, Julian Kiverstein and Erik Rietveld on this topic.

As the seminar is open to students from all fields of study and semesters, no prior knowledge is required. There will be preparative literature provided.

To participate send an email to lena.holzwarthspam, please tell us your field of study and why you are interested.
Please apply until 21.6.2019. Since the seminar is limited to 20 people, we might not be able to accept all applications. We will tell you after the 21.6. and send you the literature.

The seminar will be opened by an introductory talk on the topic of predictive processing, which will be open to the public. Afterwards the seminar participants will come together in groups and work on several related questions. We will end the seminar on sunday before midday with a concluding discussion.

26. Juli 2019

Workshop “Necessity”with Timothy Williamson

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Thomas Sattig, Tübingen in cooperation with Forum Scientiarum

This workshop is part of the DFG funded project, Sources of Necessity, which aims for a better understanding of different kinds of necessity and of source phenomena such as essence, logic, and laws. There will be a particular emphasis on the logic of necessity.

Ontologie im Umbruch – zur Phänomenologie radikaler Geschichtlichkeit

Eine Auseinandersetzung mit Rombachs Strukturphilosophie
14.-16. November 2019, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen