The Brazil-Germany Symposia on Sustainable Development are a series of successful biennial workshops. Since 2003, these workshops have been alternately held in Germany and Brazil. The theme of the 9th Brazil-Germany Symposium on Sustainable Development is “Integrating Systems for Sustainable Development - Linking Human and Natural Components”. The choice of this theme follows the recognition that most global challenges to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are interlinked and therefore demanding for interdisciplinary and cross cutting solution statements. However, many of these challenges such as environmental pollution, water scarcity, food security, biodiversity conversation, disease control, clean energy provision, or climate change are rather separately analyzed and managed than using a nexus perspective.

The 9th Brazil-Germany Symposium on Sustainable Development addresses various components of human and natural systems to progress on effective solutions for sustainability challenges, focusing on holistic and integrative approaches. The overall objective of this year´s Brazil-Germany Symposium is to understand the complexity of coupling human and natural components in integrating systems for sustainable development in Brazil and Germany, two societies related to their cultural identity. To achieve this objective, the 9th Brazil-Germany Symposium on Sustainable Development includes focused parallel sessions, oral and poster presentations, and guided field trips.

Participants from science, politics, economy and society are invited to make sure that essential interdisciplinary questions in terms of current sustainability issues are addressed and discussed. As a result, new concepts and common research projects shall be developed. The event will, therefore, contribute to the expansion of binational scientific cooperation.