Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

To Which Home do We Belong?
Phenomenology of Interculturality and the Problematic of ‘Belonging’

The current project seeks to phenomenologically investigate the experience of encountering the alien cultural Other in the postcolonial context. It is through taking a Husserlian constitutive analysis of the experience as a leading clue it pursues the ontological analysis of the ‘given’ in intercultural experience. Specifically, the research is inclined to have a comparative analysis of Jean-Luc Marion and his notion of ‘saturated givenness’ in parallel to Heinrich Rombach’s Hermetic framework and the notions of Meliorisation and concreativity.

The proposed research project aims to answer the following questions:

1. What is the phenomenological description of intercultural experience? The project will analyze:

  •     The mode of givenness of what is given in an intercultural experience, and;
  •     The type of phenomenon that is given in intercultural experience.

2. Can we expect any type of normativity in the intercultural experience? That is to ask whether we can speak of any type of ethics in the intercultural realm of experience.

Addressing these questions we will have a proper understanding of what type of experience an intercultural experience is and what type of hermeneutics we deal with in such an experience. Also this will show us whether the claim for an intercultural dialogue would be a valid claim or not, and if such a claim is not valid, what will be the best way to address the other cultures?

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