Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

The Structure of Conversational Thinking

The project is a full-length book monograph comprising of three parts and fifteen chapters. It is a project on African philosophy, specifically on the philosophical contributions from an African perspective. It is also a project on intercultural philosophy, especially as it concerns the cultural intersection between African episteme and other world epistemic formations.

Part one, comprising of five chapters, will concern itself with metaphilosophical discussions ranging from unresolved and neglected issues to emerging new concerns which have necessitated a new paradigm of thinking from the epistemologies of the south. Part two will focus on that new paradigm called conversational thinking. The unfolding of its methodological ambience will be the concern addressed in five chapters. In part three, I will unpack the theory of conversational philosophy in five chapters covering its canons, themes, and other matters, including an intercultural exposition of the doctrine.

I will add a postscript on the bourgeoning movement of conversationalism not only in philosophy but in other disciplines in the humanities. I will expose and discuss other contributions by adherents of this new way of thinking.