Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

Interkulturelle Forschung

“Shifting Orders: Belonging in transition”

International and Interdisciplinary Conference
Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies (CIIS), Tübingen University
October, 14-16th 2021, Fürstenzimmer

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Belonging is an increasingly questionable concept in the 21st century, in which human society is becoming more and more global. Societies are becoming more diverse, national allegiances are being challenged by modern labor migration as well as by flight and poverty migration, and traditional ties seem to be generally dissolving. At the same time, a new need for belonging is emerging.
Do the phenomena of globalization and belonging contradict each other? Or are we challenged today to rethink belonging at all?

The topic of the workshop takes up a number of research questions that are currently being widely discussed in many humanities and social sciences.
The question of the lines of belonging along which increasingly globalized societies are structured is a key issue everywhere. The different perspectives and emphases of the individual disciplines not only complement each other, but also productively challenge each other.

The conference addresses the topic of belonging in six sessions each reflecting on a specific aspect of the phenomenon, namely property, intersectionality, situatedness, the right to belonging/not-belonging, emplacement and religion.

You can here the detailed program including the abstracts for every of the six sessions.

Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Philosophie
Die Politische Dimension der Natur: Eine interkulturelle Kritik

4.-6. Juni 2021, Universität Tübingen
Tagungssprachen: Deutsch und Englisch
Abstracts können bis zum 31. März 2021 eingereicht werden.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in “Intercultural Studies”

Das CIIS bietet ein Fellowship-Programm für Interkulturelle Studien an.

Für das Jahr 2021 sind wieder zwei Stellen ausgeschrieben.

Die Ausschreibung hierfür und Informationen zu den aktuellen Fellows finden Sie hier.


GIP-Lectures Online

The Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies (CIIS) of Tübingen University in cooperation with the Society for Intercultural Philosophy ( is launching a new online lecture series on topics of intercultural studies. We want to take advantage of the current need to communicate digitally due to Covid-19 pandemic since this allows us to easily connect scholars from all over the world. The lecture series will address topics of global relevance in view of different cultural contexts and in a predominantly philosophical perspective.

We very much invite all of you to join the monthly lectures and make this a forum for lively discussion! 

Link auf GiP Lectures Seite

Research Group on Africa, Philosophy and Digital Technologies (APDiT)

APDiT is an international and multidisciplinary research group which is a research initiative of Malesela John Lamola in the Department of Philosphy at the Univsersity of Pretoria. It incubates and curates research outputs from a network of researchers on the nexus of African knowledge systems, decolonial epistemological tradition, and the ramifications of technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

  • extending the discourse on the impact of the 4IR on Africa beyond the ethical-humanist issues into the socio-ontological frontier that grapples with the self-imagination of Africans in the Information Age, and the culturo-economic sovereignty of Africa in the emerging global asymmetries of digital power.
  • advancing productive research on the epistemological question of relations between Science as an arbiter on the quality of knowledge and African indigenous epistemologies.
  • fostering the production of an  African Philosophy of Technology in the context of comparative methodologies in social science and philosophy.
  • synthesising a critical post/anticolonial philosophy of economics into an examination of the global status of Africa in the production, distribution and consumption of ICT.

Link: Homepage of APDiT

Link: Members of APDiT

Mitarbeit am Ubuntu Research Project

Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship, University of Pretoria, South Africa 2014-2019.

Responsible: Professor James Ogude, Professor Julian Muller, Dr Wilhelm van Deventer, Professor Christof Heyns and Professor Maxi Schoeman

An interview with Professor Ogude about the Ubuntu Project can be found here: