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Taiwan, Then and Now

Foolish Bride, Naïve Bridegroom

A besotted boyfriend (Shih Chun) and his girlfriend (Chin Mei) plan to marry with both their families’ blessings. Not until it’s time to formalize the engagement does it come to light that thirty years earlier the boy’s father and the girl’s mother were romantically linked. As new love blossoms, an old love is rekindled. This zany 1960s romantic comedy is living proof that Taiwan was turning out films every bit as hilarious as Sorry That I Fell in Love with You as far back as the 1960s!

Like Father, like Daughter

Wen-te, the hero of the film Foolish Bride, Naive Bridegroom, is now a widower. But he is still being harassed by his female neighbours who are trying to marry their son to his daughter Jo-tung. She lives with her girlfriend, but does not dare to tell her father. He finally discovers the truth about them. But he has a little secret himself.

Chris Berry

is Professor of Film Studies at King’s College London. His academic research is grounded in work on Chinese-language cinemas and other Chinese-language screen-based media, as well as work from neighboring countries. Together with other colleagues, he has launched symposia and screenings of Taiwanese-Language cinema ( Primary publications include: (with Mary Farquhar) Cinema and the National: China on Screen (2006); Postsocialist Cinema in Post-Mao China: the Cultural Revolution after the Cultural Revolution (2004); (co-edited with Luke Robinson) Chinese Film Festivals: Sites of Translation (2017); (co-edited with Koichi Iwabuchi and Eva Tsai) Routledge Handbook of East Asian Popular Culture (2016); (edited with Janet Harbord and Rachel Moore), Public Space, Media Space (2013); Chinese Cinema, 4 vols, (2012); (edited with Lu Xinyu and Lisa Rofel), The New Chinese Documentary Film Movement: For the Public Record (2010); (edited with Kim Soyoung and Lynn Spigel), Electronic Elsewheres: Media, Technology, and Social Space (2010); (edited with Nicola Liscutin and Jonathan D. Mackintosh), Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia: What a Difference a Region Makes (2009); (edited with Ying Zhu) TV China (2008); (editor) Chinese Films in Focus II (2008); and (co-edited with Feii Lu) Island on the Edge: Taiwan New Cinema and After (2005).