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Events Articles Archive

Prof. Chiu Yubin Gave a Public Lecture on latest developments in Taiwan's Labor Movement Activism

Prof. Chiu Yubin 邱毓斌, who has visited the ERCCT from July 8 to 26, 2019, gave a public lecture here on Thursday, July 25. His topic was "New Youth Labour Activism in Taiwan after the 2014 Sunflower Movement". Despite the unusually high temperatures, this theme attracted quite a large audience. 


Prof. Chiu Yubin presented his current research on indigenous youth's job opportunities

On Monday, 22 July 2019, Prof. Chiu Yubin 邱毓斌 from the Department of Social Development and National Planning at National Pingtung University presented his current research project to members of the ERCCT. The presentation was titled "Ways of Returning Home: Indigenous Youths, Jobs, and the Revitalisation of Tribal Community" and convinced everyone present that Prof. Chiu is indeed a scholar who is concerned with the issues and needs of Taiwanese society. 

Prof. Chiu Yu-bin will present his research in the Taiwan Colloquium

on Monday, July 22, 2019

On Monday, July 22, our visiting scholar, Prof. Chiu Yubin 邱毓斌 from the Department of Social Development at National Pingtung University, will present his current research project "Ways of Returning Home: Indigenous Youths, Jobs, and the Revitalisation of Tribal Community" to ERCCT Fellows in a session of the Taiwan Colloquium (at 6.15 pm, Nauklerstraße 35).

In the following abstract, Prof. Chiu gives a first glimpse on the project: 

Most disadvantaged parents in contemporary indigenous tribes often hope their children can find a job and settle down in urban area in order to get a better life. This migration trend might be slowing down from time to time by various reasons, e.g. national labour policy introducing foreign workers since the early 1990s that has been pushing urban indigenous workers in construction or manufacturing industries back to their hometown, or nature disasters (such as Typhoon Morakot in 2009) that might bring urban indigenous people back home for taking care of homeland or parents. The job-seeking patterns of involuntary returning-home are very different from those of the youth who voluntarily return home. My current research is focusing on the paths of indigenous people who intended to return to and settle down in the tribe community after finishing college education in the city. By interviewing indigenous youth settled down in the tribe, tribe leaders, and teachers at indigenous education institutes in Pingtung and Taitung, I try to identify several patterns of job-seeking of the youth who do not only want to settle down in the tribe community but also are committed to the revitalisation of the community as well as the indigenous culture. The impetus and the obstacles for these devoted indigenous youth to return to the tribe community will be discussed.

ERCCT to Host Concert: TWANGO Otro fin del mundo

TWANGO: Otro fin del mundo - under this charming title the ERCCT will host a concert on Friday, November 30, 2018, at the Institute of Musicology's concert hall in cooperation with Mrs. Tsai Tsai-Wei of Hohaiyan e.V., a Munich-based cultural association for the promotion of Taiwanese performing arts in Germany. 

The programme features compositions compositions and arrangements of Taiwanese and Latin American traditional songs by Taiwanese composer Ruei-Ran Wu 吳睿然, who will appear on stage to perform as part of an international four-member ensemble. 

Venue: Am Schulberg 2, 72070 Tübingen

Date: Friday, November 30, 2018

Time: 6 p.m. 

Tickets:  12 EUR / for students: 8 EUR

For more detailed information on the programme you may see the website of Hohaiyan Art e.V. .


On November 24 to 25, the CCKF-ERCCT hosted the 13. Taiwan Documentary Film Festival in cooperation with Arsenal Kinos Tübingen, who provided a wonderful venue. 

Saturday, November 24, was dedicated to the work of our guest, film director Tseng Wen-chen 曾文珍, who presented three documentaries from her rich oeuvre: firstly, "What Makes Love Last" 長情的告白 (2015), a documentary about carers for the elderly in Taipei, made for a very strong start, depicting with much warmth and empathy the everyday struggles of these dedicated people. Next was "Dream Hair Salon" 夢想美髮店 (2011) about female marriage immigrants and how they cope with an array of practical and emotional difficulties in order to build up their new lifes in Taiwan. Finally, we screened "Spring: The Story of Hsu Chin-yu" 春天 — 許金玉的故事 (2002) about the life of a victim of the White Terror, Hsu Chin-yu, who was imprisoned for 15 years, yet stayed true to her ideals, remaining an activist unitl very old age. 

The audience took the opportunity to enter into a lively discussion with director Tseng, thereby learning a lot about the background and the making of each film. 

Sunday's programme continued the focus on the White Terror with a screening of the 1995 feature film "Super Citizen Ko" by Wan Jen, telling the story of Ko I-Sheng, who had been imprisoned for 16 years in his youth, but lives to old age, remorseful about the execution of his friend, whose name he had told under torture. 

The ERCCT is grateful to Kino Arsenal for the smooth and successful cooperation!