TAP 2023 outcomes in Tübingen

Dr. Amélie Keyser-Verreault, lead of the Taiwan as Pioneer research project at Tübingen University has achieved the following results:

TAP related publications

Peer reviewed

Keyser-Verreault, A. (Forthcoming 2023). Embodied ambivalence: Taiwanese fat women’s negotiation and subversion of their hyper(in)visibility. Journal of Gender Studies (Impact Factors 2.53).

Keyser-Verreault, A., & Rail, G. (forthcoming 2023). Gender, beauty and the future of neoliberalism: Aesthetic labour and women’s (anti)aspirationalism in Taiwan. Chinese Sociological Review (Impact Factors 3.7)

Keyser-Verreault, A. (forthcoming 2023). Gender, self-transformation, and digital performance: female Taiwanese international students’ mediated communication with their parents. in B. Zani and I Cheng, Performing in two worlds: Intimacy, entrepreneurship and activism of East Asian migrants online and offline. Anthem Press. 

Non-peer reviewed

Keyser-Verreault, A. (forthcoming), Anxieties, technology and surveillance: the institutionalization of yuezi care center in Taiwan. Taiwan Insight.

TAP related Conferences

Dr. Keyser-Verreault was invited to a UK Conference tour in order to present her work on neoliberalism and compressed modernity.

Keyser-Verreault, A. (2023, February). Fat-shaming and the politics of desirability in contemporary Taiwan. University of Nottingham, U.K.

Keyser-Verreault, A. (2023, February). From tradition to industry: gender, technology, and parental aspiration in Taiwan’s postpartum yuezi care center. SOAS, University of London, UK.

Keyser-Verreault, A. (2023, February). From the quest for beauty to fat-shaming and the politics of desirability in contemporary Taiwan. SOAS, University of London, U.K.

Keyser-Verreault, A. (2023, February).  The Economy of Self-satisfaction in the Yummy Mummy Trend in Taiwan. University of Portsmouth, UK