Monika Arnoštová 朱丹景


Monika Arnoštová 朱丹景

Home Institiution:

Renmin University of China

Duration of Stay:

November 2017 to April 2018


Monika Arnoštová is a PhD student in Sociology at the School of Sociology & Population Studies at Renmin University of China. Her research focus includes the phenomenon of overtime and the so-called overtime culture, work-life balance, cultural life and the importance of culture in the daily lives of the Chinese. Further research interests include the comparison of the phenomenon of overtime and the occurrence of karōshi (过劳死) in China and Japan, cultural reasons leading to shaping of the overtime culture in China, Taiwan and Japan. She is writing her doctoral dissertation on “The impact on overtime work on leisure time as well as the cultural life of Beijing white-collar workers”. Her academic articles include “Karōshi: Japanese tragedy and its import to China” and “Chinese overtime culture among white-collar workers in first-tier cities”.