Agathe Lemaitre

Name: Agathe Lemaitre
Home Institution: National Dong Hwa University
Duration of Stay: Oct. 2022 to Feb. 2023
Research Project: Entanglement in situation of extinction: the Paiwan's human-animal relationship with the Clouded Leopard and the Mountain Hawk-eagle 



Agathe Lemaitre is a PhD candidate in anthropology in the department of indigenous studies (indigenous relation and culture) at Dong Hwa University Taiwan. She graduated from Aix-Marseille University with a Master degree in contemporary history and a Master degree in applied anthropology. Her research focus on human-animal relationship, animal extinction, as well as indigenous people and culture within environmental debates. She is part of the research project: “Austronesian worlds: Human and animal intertwining in the Anthropocene of the Pacific.” Her PhD research consider the relationship between the Austronesian Paiwan tribe of Taiwan and two animals: the clouded leopard (already extinct) and the Mountain hawk-eagle (endangered species). The situation of extinction or coming extinction, leads to question the link between human, animal and objects made from these animals, with a triple lens: social, political and environmental.