Huang Chia-Yuan (June 16 to July 29)

Huang Chia-Yuan 黃佳媛 from the Department of Geography at University College, London, has arrived in Tübingen on Monday, June 17, 2019, as our first visiting fellow of the current summer semester. Chia-Yuan will stay until July 28 and the whole ERCCT team warmly welcomes and wishes her a pleasant stay!!! 

Jan. 14 - Welcome - Kung Hsiao Pei

Ms. Kung Hsiao-pei 龔小蓓, Ph.d. student from the Graduate Institute of National Development at National Taiwan Universtiy has arrived in Tübingen on Monday, January 14, 2019. Having been invited to join the ERCCT under the Visiting Fellow Programme Ms. Kung will stay here for almost four weeks, until February 9. We warmly welcome her and wish her a pleasant and successful time in Tübingen!