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„Every pimp gotta dress his lady“ - Sex- und Austauschbeziehungen in Botsuana

This research is not about pimps and their ladies but about a society where a clear distinction of gender roles leads to a model of relationships where men are expected to provide material goods to their partners and where women are expected to submit their bodies in return. In most of the scientific literature and in diverse policy programs of the country this construction of relationships is classified as “transactional relationships” whereby women are seen to be exploited by and subordinated to the interests of men. One of the aims of this research project is to take a closer look on to this construction and scrutinize the assumption of exploiting men and subordinating women. The findings of the research show that sex itself becomes to a bargaining object which is used in a powerful way to maximize resources. The aim of the presentation is to offer a fresh insight into an anthropology of sex and to emphasize that the so often presupposed universal “nature of sex”, as a singular and private act, doesn’t exist but instead has to be understood that there is no sex before culture.