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Montag, 17. September um 19:00 Uhr

Jacy Reese – The End Of Animal Farming

Veranstalter: “Effektiver Altruismus Tübingen”, verantwortlich: Yannick Mühlhauser und Malte Hendrickx


Today there's widespread agreement that factory farming is devastating for human and animal welfare. This talk is not about those problems. Instead, Reese will drawn upon evidence from history, psychology, and elsewhere to trace out the strategic roadmap that seems most likely to end factory farming. The timeline has four stages: Foundation, Revolution, Stigmatization, and Follow-Through. Reese will trace out the most important developments of technological and social change in each of these stages, such as the advent of clean meat (real meat made without animal slaughter). a shift in focus from opposing factory farming alone to instead fighting against animal farming as a whole, and a transition from one-by-one diet change (e.g. "Go vegan!") to a society-wide movement (e.g. "End animal farming!").

Jacy is the Research Director at Sentience Institute, a nonprofit think tank researching the most effective strategies to expand humanity's moral circle. He is working on his first book, The End of Animal Farming, which uses the effective altruism lens to outline a roadmap to a more ethical, sustainable, and prosperous food system for humans and animals. He has written in outlets including Quartz, Salon, and Vox, and presented on these topics in 20 countries and was recognized as one of Vice’s “Humans of the Year” in December 2017 along with his co-founder Kelly Witwicki.
His TEDx Talk has been viewed over 70.000 times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBmbVphZKYc&t=1s