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Job vacancy: Leader of an Independent Junior Research Group

Philosophical / Ethical Implications of Machine Learning in Science (TV-L E14/E13, 100%) at the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning – New Perspectives for Science” at the University of Tübingen

Bewerbungsfrist : 10.03.2019

The Junior Research Group will be located in the ”Philosophy & Ethics Lab” within the Machine Learning Cluster, focusing on “Philosophical / Ethical Implications of Machine Learning in Science”. The Research Group will interact with the PIs and group leaders from the diverse scientific disciplines within the Cluster.

The group leader is expected to develop and carry out a research program, focusing on either Philosophy of Science or Ethics. Topics and questions can include:

  • How is learning conceived in ML and in formal epistemology?
  • How is concept formation and model building, as it works in ML, to be assessed from a philosophy of science perspective?
  • How is uncertainty modeled in ML?
  • What kind of knowledge or understanding can be achieved by machine learning?
  • How can ethical discourses on values and norms be connected to ML research? Which ethical values are important in the research of machine learningML?
  • What do exemplary changes in research through Ml mean for the concepts and conceptions of science?
  • Which methods are needed for implementing ethical values and principles into scientific ML practice?
  • How can Machine Learning’s social significance be taken into account in different stages of specific research in science?

The applicants are expected to have completed an excellent dissertation either in Philosophy of Science or in Ethics. Interest in and basic knowledge of Machine Learning are welcome, as well as the ability to interdisciplinary cooperation and mentoring skills. Early career researchers directly after the doctorate, as well as more experienced group leaders with some years of postdoc experience are asked to apply.

The research group will initially run for four years. After positive evaluation, it can be extended by up to three more years. The group comes with funding for PhD students/postdoc and independent research funding.

For more information see the advertisement at
or the Cluster’s hompepage

The University of Tübingen intends to increase the proportion of women and encourages female researchers to apply. Disabled applicants will be given preferential consideration if other qualifications are equal.
Applications with the usual documents should be sent in electronic form (as a single PDF, at most 5 MB) to the office of the Cluster of Excellence ( by March 10, 2019. Questions can also be directed to the office or at Wolfgang Spohn ( of Science) and (Ethics).