Internationales Zentrum für Ethik in den Wissenschaften (IZEW)



Beyond Privacy: Learning Data Ethics, Veranstaltung am 14. November in Brüssel

Der ganztägige Workshop in der Solvay Bibliothek gibt Einblick in die Ergebnisse und fortlaufende Forschung von fünf EU-Projekten, die sich mit Fragen von Big Data und Ethik beschäftigen. Das IZEW wird im Rahmen des WeNet-Projekts mit einem Vortrag zu "Daten für diversitätssensible Technik" vertreten sein.

Big Data Analytics helps organizations, communities and individuals harness the value of growing amounts of data. According to recent forecasts, in 2025, the digital economy will multiply by 10 the volume of data now generated. While, on the one hand, this widespread use of data enables us to create more efficient and effective products and services, and fuel economic growth, on the other hand, this vast potential has created a new range of ethical challenges.
The dark side of data innovation is not only the result of uncontrolled data trading networks, which represent a huge risk to the privacy of individuals, allowing for misuse, but also emerges from numerous well-intentioned service providers who do not take basic measures to limit or protect sensitive data. Strong data protection, privacy-aware data management, transparent online services, and fair data trading approaches are the crucial aspects to be inherent to the EU data market.
Innovators, researchers and policy makers are asked to work together to ensure great safety and trust as foundations of both a responsible data economy and responsible innovation.
If you are active in Big Data research, policy or industry and are wondering how best to deal with ethical challenges, also in view of the rise of Artificial Intelligence, this event will make you aware of the most recent discussions about ethical principles and practical guidelines.
This event, supported by the Big Data Value PPP, is organized by five EU-funded research projects focused on privacy protection technologies, transparency, legal compliance: e-SIDES, MyHealthMyData, SODA, SPECIAL, WeNet.

Die Veranstaltung wird auf Englisch stattfinden. Weitere Informationen und kostenfreie Anmeldung auf der Webseite: