Institute of Sociology

Courses in English

Excerpt from the courses offered in the winter semester 2018/19. The lecturers mentioned regularly hold courses in English.

Title Lecturer Type Level
Quantitative Microsociology Pia Schober Seminar Bachelor
Applied Social Stratification Scott Milligan Seminar Bachelor
Nature or Nurture? Laia Sanchez-Guerrero Seminar Bachelor
Public and Social Policies for the XXI Century Laia Sanchez-Guerrero Seminar Bachelor
English for Academics Louise Härtig Seminar Bachelor
Parenthood and Family Policies (Student Project II) Pia Schober Seminar Master
Sociology of the Life Course Steffen Hillmert Seminar Master
Macro Sociology:Social Inequality at the Macro Level Scott Milligan Seminar Master
Pierre's Bourdieu's Theory of Social Inequality Kie Sanada Seminar Master