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New: M.Sc. Data Science in Business and Economics

Data Science is a vibrant, interdisciplinary and rapidly growing field. More and more firms and institutions are hiring data scientists, and data scientist has been America's top job for the third year.

Data scientists must be able to acquire, understand, and analyze complex and unstructured data, to interpret the meaning of the results, and to communicate the results to relevant stakeholders. Hence, Data Science requires a unique combination of (1) econometrics and statistics, (2) programming skills, and (3) domain knowledge.

This four-semester M.Sc. program reflects these requirements to provide its graduates with a unique skill set. Students who enroll in this program specialize in econometrics and select further modules from a broad set of options on different aspects of business and economics. On top of that, students complete modules on data science techniques, which includes programming in R and Python as well as the possibility to enroll in courses in Machine Learning in collaboration with the computer science department.

This is a new program that has yet to be ratified by the Ministry of Education in Baden-Württemberg.

The new Tenure Track Professorship in Marketing Analytics will make an important contribution to the course. Prof. Dr. Stefan Mayer is our new tenure track professor. He has been a post-doctoral researcher at the Chair for Product Management and Marketing Communication at Goethe University Frankfurt. His research is at the intersection between consumer behavior and quantitative marketing. As part of this, he is applying current machine learning methods to consumer behavior questions. See here for more information.