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Bachelor and master projects are available!

The group of Prof. Klaus Werner works experimentally in the field of ultraviolet (UV) astronomy as well as theoretically in the field of quantitative spectral analysis of stellar spectra and spectra of accretion disks around compact stellar remnants.

The group works on the development of photon counting, imaging UV detectors for future space missions.

For spectral analyses data of ground- and space-based observatories is used, which cover a wide wavelength range from the infrared to the X-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In addition to bachelor and master projects, we offer student assistant jobs to contribute to ongoing research projects.

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Projects: UV-detector development

In the field of UV-detector development the following topics are addressed:

Projects: Quantitative spectral analysis

Projects in the field of quantitative spectral analysis encompass the following topics:

Contact Information

Students interested in these projects are asked to contact the following persons:


Prof. Klaus Werner (Tel. 29-78601)

Development of UV detectors

Dr. Sebastian Diebold (Tel. 29-78604)

Quantitative spectral analysis

Dr. Thomas Rauch (Tel. 29-78614)