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Current info regarding the summer semester

The lecture period begins on 19.04.2021 and so far there are no concrete specifications from the state of Baden-Württemberg regarding the planned face-to-face events in the summer semester.  Unfortunately, infection numbers are currently on the rise again and it seems rather unlikely that we will be able to hold attendance events in April. To give you a little more planning security, our departmental board has therefore decided as a precautionary measure that all events in the summer semester will initially start digitally and that there will be no face-to-face events. Should the guidelines of the university and the state make it possible to hold face-to-face courses in the course of the semester, these solutions can be discussed with the respective lecturers. For the time being, this only applies to those courses that were planned as face-to-face courses anyway. All digitally planned events will remain digital until further notice. We are very sorry that we cannot give you better news. We very much hope that relief will be possible in the course of the semester and that we will soon be able to meet again in Tübingen and at IfSoz.  Until then, I wish you health and stamina. Better times are in sight!

Boris Nieswand

(Director of the Sociology department)

Corona FAQ

Submission of theses

For the meantime, bachelor and master theses will not be handed in at the examination office but will be sent to Mr Löser by e-mail. The printed versions can be submitted later or sent by post and will be stamped with the date of receipt of the e-mail.

Online teaching

Here you can find some useful tools and tutorials.

Here you can find some useful advice from the university's IT-Support (ZDV).

Recognition of internships

Recognition of internships interrupted by Corona at the same employer is possible. Likewise, internships at different employers can also be recognised due to Corona-related interruptions. In such cases, please contact the internship coordinator.

Re-enrolling for examinations

Since in the current situation concerning the spread of the coronavirus, more and more examinations are being postponed until the next semester, here is an important note: in order to take examinations in BA and MA courses, enrolment for the respective semester is obligatory. You can de-register at any time, not only at the end of the semester. You can find all important information here. The following currently applies to the reimbursement of fees:

  •  Administration fee (70€) and VS fee (3.50€) for de-registration up to one month after the start of lectures (currently 20.05.2020) 
  • StuWe contribution and Naldo solidarity contribution (84.80€) until two weeks after the start of the semester (fixed 14.04.2020)


The sociology student body has collected a few links on this topic.

Please note that the answers to the questions listed are not to be understood as binding legal advice, but rather as initial assistance and preparation for a counselling interview.