Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

SIG Professionality in the Teaching Profession

Problem Statement/Objective of the Special Interest Group (SIG)

In recent years, research, education administration and the public have paid increased attention to the relevance of teachers' actions for the academic success of pupils. Since about the turn of the millennium, there has been an intensive discussion in professional research about the acquisition of knowledge and competences, reflexivity and the mastery of (prospective) teachers’ (professional) biographic development tasks. This theoretical and empirical research aims at the question of what makes teachers to professionals (aspect of professionality) and how professionality develops in teacher education (aspect of professionalization). The SIG aims to advance the discourse on professionality in the teaching profession in the fields of education science and subject didactics. Funding as a SIG supports the application for a third-party funded project.


Prof. Dr Colin Cramer, Professional Research with Special Consideration of Subject Didactics


Prof. Dr. Taiga Brahm (Economic Didactics and Economic Education), Prof. Dr. Carolin Führer (German Philology/Didactics of German Literature), Dr. Jana Groß Ophoff (Professional Research with Special Consideration of Subject Didactics), JProf. Dr. Julia Hapke (Sport Didactics), Felix Schreiber (Professional Research with Special Consideration of Subject Didactics), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Friedrich Schweitzer (Protestant Religious Pedagogy).