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Occupational Safety and Health

How do I get a mask to cover my mouth and nose?

It is not necessary for all University employees to wear a face mask at all times to prevent the spread of infection. Generally, it makes sense for employees to wear a mask when they have direct contact with many people. This includes those working at service and information desks. It may also be the case that e.g. more than one person is required to operate a machine and that the required distance cannot be maintained. In these cases, too, the person in charge must ensure that all the employees involved are supplied with face masks. The University does not provide masks for employees for the regular commute to work, for breaks or going to the toilet. 

Wearing a mask is not of itself sufficient protection for employees! It must be supported by other hygiene measures. 

The University has now obtained face masks for employees. Orders must be placed via your superior.

Step 1: Assess your hazard level. 

The superior carries out a hazard assessment with regard to your workplace. In this hazard assessment, he/she must check and ensure that supplementary measures are taken, e.g. limited access, safe-distance markers, and the installing of transparent protective barriers. 

Step 2: Fill out the requisition form and order form. 

The superior fills out a requisition form and the supplementary order form for the face mask and sends them by email to section VIII 2 Occupational Safety and Health:


Step 3: Assessment and issue. 

Occupational Safety and Health checks the requisition and directs it to section VII 3, subsection Materials. The Materials office issues the face masks ordered. 

Note: Please do not order filter masks (FFP2/FFP3) for staff in service offices! FFP2/FFP3 masks are reserved for employees who have to work with dangerous substances in laboratories and in a technical capacity.   

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