3rd Workshop on Semantic Processing, Logic and Cognition

July 15th - 16th, 2011, Tübingen, Germany

The 3rd workshop on semantic processing, logic and cognition follows up on the topic of the previous two workshops by continuing the endeavor of bringing semantic theory and studies of semantic processing closer together. The workshop is intended as an interdisciplinary forum for semanticists, psychologists, logicians, neuroscientists and computer scientists interested in semantic processing. Recently, there has been a gratifying increase in experimental research on semantics, which has in turn become an important influence for semantic theory. Often, however, the relationship between semantic theory and processing data is still far from clear. We think it is fair to say that - except for some notable exceptions - we are still missing semantic theories that allow us to derive clear predictions for processing. The workshop aims at bridging this gap.

Our general goal can be exemplified by looking at quantifying expressions, especially by looking at the connections between formal theories of quantification and processing studies. Semantic theories of quantification are particularly well-developed and the last decades have produced important results both in logic and formal semantics. Quantification is at the heart of these disciplines, which have reached a very advanced level. We now have precise theories about the lexical and compositional meaning of quantificational expressions, mathematical notions of their complexity, their inference patterns etc. The processing of quantifiers, on the other hand, has only very scarcely appeared on the psycholinguistic agenda. We think that one reason for this discrepancy is that theoretical concepts employed in semantic research are sometimes hard to relate to the concepts needed to explain the cognition of quantifying expressions. Recent studies, nevertheless, demonstrate that this is a worthwhile enterprise and the workshop aims at contributing to these issues.