PhD dissertations

M.A. theses

  • Neele Witte (2019). Unsupervised Learning of Sense Representations. How to Make Distributional Models Sensitive to Senses.

  • Iuliia Ichin-Norbu (2014). Automatically Finding Good Dictionary Examples for German Noun Compounds – Corpus-based and Game-with-a-purpose Methods.

  • Edo Collins (2014). Classifiying German Noun-Noun Compound Relations using Stacked Denoising Autoencoders. (Winner of the GSCL 2015 Award for the Best Student Thesis, Master Level)

  • Daniil Sorokin (2014). A Machine Learning Approach to the Semantic Classification of German Noun Compounds.

  • Anne Brock (2011). Automatic Mining of Valence Compounds for German.

  • Tatiana Vodoladzova (2011). Automatic Topic Detection in German Newspaper Text using Latent Dirichlet Allocation.

  • Ekaterina Kochmar (2010). Ensemble-Based Learning for Morphological Analysis of German.

  • Yana Panchenko (2010). Machine-Learning Approaches for Named Entity Recognition in German.

B.A. theses

  • Sebastian Pütz (2019). Enriching Topological Field Tagging with Clause Information.
  • Tobias Pütz (2018). Neural Sequence to Sequence Lemmatization.
  • Erik Schill (2018). Word Representations for Part-of-Speech Tagging.
  • Peter Schoener (2018). Embedding-based Approaches to Prediction of Semantic Compatibility.