Institute of Sports Science

Conference Venue

The Swabian university town Tübingen is placed proverbially in the "heart" of Baden-Wurttemberg, since the geographical centre of the federal state is in the midst of the city. With an age average of approximately 40 years, Tübingen counts to the "youngest" cities of Germany thanks to its 27,000 students. They bring the medieval city centre between the Botanical Garden and the river Neckar to life and transmit the energy of a youthful student town. In light of the tradition-steeped Eberhard Karls University Tübingen with its foundation in 1477, which makes it to one of the oldest and most renowned universities of Europe, this makes the city a melting pot of history and pioneering spirit.

The famous university building “Neue Aula” was built between 1841 and 1846 on behalf of the University of Tuebingen. Gottlob Georg Barth provided the constructional drawing for the building. Since its completion in 1846, the “Neue Aula” is an inherent part of Tuebingen’s cityscape. The Law School of the University as well as the Juridical Library are placed in this building. Furthermore, the ceremonial hall of the university, where classical music concerts are performed, is located in the “Neue Aula”.

Parts of the 4th Football & Finance Conference will take place in the lecture hall “Großer Senat” in the “Neue Aula”. Coffee and snacks for enjoyable breaks during the conference will be served in another hall called “Kleiner Senat”. Both halls are exhibition sites for Tuebingen’s Gallery of Professors (Portraits of former professors, chancellors, principals and further characters connected to the University). The most antique portraits were painted back in the 16th century and the gallery impresses with its uninterrupted chronology of paintings from the end of the 16th century to the presence.