Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

CIN Dialogues 2016

Wird es maschinelles Bewusstsein geben? Ein interdisziplinäres Streitgespräch.

1. December 2016
Public lecture
19:15 Audimax, University of Tübingen, Neue Aula


Prof. Dr. Andreas K. Engel (Neurophysiology, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf)
and → Prof. Dr. Joachim Buhmann (Information Science and Engineering, ETH Zürich)
Moderation: → Ulrich Schnabel (DIE ZEIT)


On Conscious Artificial Systems
Moderation: Martin Butz und Niels Weidtmann

This workshop asks the complementary questions: 1.) "How far away are artificial systems from reaching forms of consciousness?" and 2.) "What would these machines be possibly conscious of?" The aim of this workshop is to bring together interdisciplinary experts from neuroscience, artificial intelligence, philosophy, and cognitive science to shed further light on these questions and potential answers. From the biological side, the nature and content of consciousness - and thought in more general - will be characterized, including its development and its realization in brains. From the artificial systems side, currently most successful artificial systems will be analyzed with respect to these questions and a potential pathway towards artificial conscious systems will be discussed. In extended discussion sessions, the available insights will be contrasted, integrations will be attempted, but also the implications of such conscious artificial systems will be considered.

When? Thu, 1. Dezember 2016, 9-17:00 Where? Forum Scientiarum