Institute of English Languages and Literatures

Guest lecture: Shakespeares Bastards in King John and King Lear

Dr. Imke Lichterfeld, University of Bonn
"Shakespares Bastards in King John and King Lear"
Monday, the 21st of January 16:15 , R. 107, Wilhelmstr. 50 / Neuphilologicum

For details see the attached file.

Wildermuth Lecture am 14.11.18 (R215, Neuphilologicum)

Das Englische Seminar der Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen lädt ein zur Wildermuth Lecture im Wintersemester 2018/19.

Datum:  Mi. 14.11.2018
Beginn: 18 Uhr c.t.
Ort: R. 215 Neuphilologicum, Wilhelmstraße 50.

Welcoming Addresses
Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber, Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler, Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer (English Department)
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bohl (Tübingen School of Education)
StD’in Inge Straß (SSDL)
StD Christoph Deeg (Regierungspräsidium Tübingen)

Introductory Words:
Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler 

Wildermuth Lecture:
Prof. Elizabeth A. Wheeler (University of Oregon & 2nd Ottilie Wildermuth Chair for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)
"When Inclusion Works: Cautionary Tales from African American Youth Literature".
Im Anschluss wird es einen kleinen Empfang geben.

Veranstaltungsankündigung als PDF.

6 October 2018

Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler was invited to give a Keynote Address at the Conference Cultivating Sustainability: Education and the Environmental Humanities at the Universität zu Köln. His keynote has the title: "What's in a Language: Environmental Concepts and the Metaphors of Foreign Language Education". 

28 September 2018

At their 8th biannual conference themed The Garden: Ecological Paradigms of Space, History, and Community at the Universität Würzburg, the members of the association elected Uwe Küchler to be their president. With him, Alexa Weik von Mossner will continue to serve as Treasurer and Margarita Carretero González as new Vice-President on the Executive Committee

29 July - 5 August - International Education Week 2018

As part of the TÜSE summer school "European teacher education", Professor Küchler will teach the class "Intercultural Encounters: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages".

Full schedule and further information here.

This project of the Tübingen School of Education (TüSE) aims to promote conversation and reflection about European teacher education and educational systems across European borders. This project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with financial support of the Federal Foreign Office.

30 May 2018 - TüSE Directorate

On May 30th, the TüSE General Meeting confirmed the Board of Directors for another term in office. With their renewed mandate, the directors will serve for the three-year term from 2018 to 2021 and they will be responsible for specific areas of TüSE activities. Prof. Bohl will continue as Managing Director while Loose and Küchler as Deputy Directors.

25 & 26 May 2018 -- Conference Workshop & Advisory Board

Together with Ingrid Gessner (Feldkirch), Uwe Küchler organized and moderated Workshop 7 on "Teaching Counter/Publics: American Studies and Digital Pedagogy" at the annual GAAS meeting at the Freie Universität Berlin. Together with Horst Tonn, Küchler also gave a talk on the issue of „New Formats for Digital Teacher Trainings?“.

The General Members Assembly elected Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler into the Advisory Board of the German Association of American Studies (GAAS/DGfA). It will be Küchler’s explicit concern to represent the interests of teacher education and foreign language education.

17 May 2018 - Opening Lecture: OTTILIE-WILDERMUTH-CHAIR for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (DAAD Gastdozentenprogramm)

Welcoming Dr. Amos Paran as the first Visiting Ottilie-Wildermuth-Chair.

See Amos' interview with Newsletter Universität Tübingen.

16 May 2018 - TEFL talk at Studium Generale

Hosted by Tübingen School of Edudation's weekly lecture series "Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung für eine Schule der Zukunft" (Studium Generale), Prof Küchler delivered the talk „Didaktik des Englischen: Perspektiven, Aufgaben und Entwicklungslinien in der Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung für eine Schule der Zukunft“. He discussed the current situation and expanded on some ideas with regards to language, narrative and ecology to point out new (research) questions the teaching of English and Foreign Language Education will be confronted with.

23 April 2018 - Writing Week / Neunte Tübinger Schreibwoche

At the beginning of Tübingen's ninth Writing Week, Professor Küchler will take part in a discussion disclosing the 'tips and tricks' of professional (academic) writers. He will answer students' question regarding writing procedures or habits, making a writing plans, working with secondary sources and exerpts as well as many other personal approaches to a daily writing practice. For details on the program of the Schreibzentrum, please see the hyperlink:

08 June 2017 - Conference Workshop

"Modernity/ies and the Teaching of North American Languages, Literatures and Cultures"

At the 2017 annual convention of the German Association for American Studies (GAAS/DGfA), Uwe Küchler organized a workshop together with Gabriele Bell (Hannover). The workshop titled "Modernity/ies and the Teaching of North American Languages, Literatures and Cultures" was exclusively geared toward the interests of students in teacher training programs and was met with a remarkable turn-out. The talks were given by Wolfgang Haltet (Gießen), Laurenz Volkmann (Jena), Heike Schäfer (Konstanz/Karlsruhe) and Roman Bartosch (Köln). For details on the program, please see the hyperlink:

26 May 2017 - GAPS 2017

GAPS 2017 – Teachers’ Workshop “Teaching Poverty and Precarity“

From May 25th -27th, 2017, the Association of Anglophone Postcolonial Studies held its annual conference in Bonn. The topic of this year’s conference was „Poverty and Precarity in a Postcolonial World“. On Friday (May 26th, 2017), the conference offered a teachers’ workshop on “Teaching Poverty and Precarity“, which provides perspectives how this topic can be implemented in EFL teaching and learning. The workshop was organised by Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler. Contributions also included papers given by Tatjana Pavlov-West and Daniel Schönbauer belonging to the chair of TEFL at the University of Tübingen.

04 May 2017 - Inaugural Lecture

In April 2016, Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler was appointed Full Professor of English Foreign Language Teaching („Didaktik des Englischen“) at the University of Tübingen. On 04 May 2017, he held his inaugural lecture entitled „Woher nimmt die Englischdidaktik ihre Impulse?“. In his lecture, he pointed to the variety of factors/disciplines influencing English foreign language teaching, thus conveying a vivid impression of EFL studies as interdisciplinary enterprise.