Daycare places for children of University Hospitals employees

The children of doctors, researchers and other employees of the University Hospitals may be admitted to the University Hospitals’ kindergarten.

Details here: Kindertagesstätte des Universitätsklinikums.

Those whose jobs primarily involve research at an institute of the Faculty of Medicine may apply at the Dean’s Office for a “KiKo” childcare place for children between the ages of 1 and 3.

Details on a Kiko-place for researchers.

Application form for a KiKo place

Daycare places outside of the University

There are further options for childcare with privately-run and municiple-administered facilities. Privately-run facilities include those administered e.g. by the churches, parent initiatives, and company-run kindergartens.

Municiple facilities only take children who are registered as residents of the relevant district. This is also true for most privately-run facilities because they receive municiple funding.

Information on municiple and privately-run childcare facilities is available from your municiple authority.

Information on childcare facilities in the city of Tübingen may be found on the city’s website: Fachabteilung Kindertagesbetreuung. The website also includes a List of all daycare facilities.

This is how to complete the application form.

Another alternative is the day care offered via the Eltern- und Tageselternverein:

Eltern- und Tageselternvereins Tübingen e.V. 
Information on daycare