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Corona virus: Advice and information for (business) trips

You have planned a journey

Work travel and excursions for urgent reasons only

Work travel abroad continues to be permissible for urgent work reasons only. On 3 June, the German Foreign Office announced it would lift its world travel warning on 15 June. It also announced considerable easing of quarantine regulations for persons entering/ returning to Germany. Despite this, numbers of Covid-19 cases remain high in many countries around the world, leading to problems in local health care systems. Furthermore, the epidemiological situation at the destination may change quickly.

University employees planning work travel are urged to discuss the matter beforehand with their superior. She or he will decide on the degree of urgency, erring on the side of caution. Work travel may only be approved if the risks of illness or of problems with the outward or return journey appear manageable due to the respective conditions at the destination and en route. In this context, the person applying for work travel must check whether travelers returning from the respective country are in danger of having to enter quarantine for 14 days. For further information on quarantine regulations, see the "Faculty and staff who have stayed abroad" section.

Persons applying for work travel are obliged to review these matters beforehand on the basis of data provided by the German Foreign Office and Federal Government, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the Robert Koch Institute and the World Health Organisation. The results of this review must be presented to the applicant’s superior with the application for work travel approval. In the interests of their own health and safety, all employees are urged to check the current conditions at their destination again immediately prior to any approved work travel, and, if necessary, to cancel their work travel plans.

The provisions set out above apply equally to excursions. Furthermore, the approval and carrying-out of excursions are subject to stricter conditions, which may be found in the University’s hygiene regulations for the Covid-19 pandemic (German only).

Travel to risk areas

Generally, the University of Tübingen does not authorize business trips to countries and regions that are classified as risk areas with regard to COVID-19 by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs.

In special cases and for unavoidable business trips to risk areas an exceptional approval can be granted if possible dangers are evaluated in a risk analysis in advance and concrete measures are derived. One option to do this is the online checklist RABiT: RiskAnalysis for Business Travel: If the risk analysis shows that it is plausible to carry out the business trip, please send the risk assessment and a hygiene concept for the respective trip to the University Medical Service (ambulanz.arbeitsmedizinspam and the Infection Prevention Planning Staff (planungsstab.infektionsschutzspam On this basis, the Rector’s Office will then decide on a permit.

German Foreign Office website: 
German government website:  
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: 
Robert Koch Institute website: 
World Health Organisation website:  
Baden-Württemberg state government website with quarantine measures for the prevention of SARS-Cov-2 (Corona-Verordnung Einreise-Quarantäne – CoronaVO EQ), required of those entering/returning: 

Your journey was cancelled

Refund instead of voucher

Several transport companies have been forced to cancel their trips due to Covid-19 measures and now offer vouchers instead of refunds. On the basis of the EU Commission's communication "Interpretative Guidelines on EU passenger rights regulations in the context of the developing situation with Covid-19", vouchers do not have to be accepted as refunds. Please insist on a refund of the total amount. If you have already accepted a voucher, you should also apply for a reimbursement, as a refund in form of a voucher is not compatible with EU law and can therefore not be valid.

The German government now wants to see this regulation changed by the EU and is striving for a regulation that obliges travellers to accept a voucher instead of a refund. Since there is a possibility that this regulation will also apply retroactively, we ask you to request a refund as soon as possible.

If advance payments have been made by the University of Tübingen, the refunds from the transport companies must be returned to the University.

After returning from a journey

Entering or returning to Germany from abroad

As of June 15, 2020, the federal and state governments have significantly relaxed the quarantine regulations for people entering Germany. However, a quarantine obligation as well as the obligation to contact the responsible authorities immediately still exists for all persons entering from a risk area. The current list of countries classified as risk areas can be found on the website of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs:  

However, currently (August 25, 2020), persons entering from a risk area are exempt from the quarantine obligation if they can already prove on entry by a medical certificate that they are not infected with the novel corona virus. Details on the requirements for this medical certificate can be found on the following information page of the Robert Koch Institute and in the FAQs on the website of the state government of Baden-Württemberg: 

The quarantine obligation applies to all those who enter a risk area without the appropriate medical certificate. In addition, there is currently (August 25, 2020) an obligation to test (see information from the Federal Ministry of Health: For this purpose, corresponding test offers have been set up at airports, freeway service stations and railroad stations or on site at your place of residence. The quarantine obligation applies at least until a negative result is obtained. The final lifting of the quarantine is carried out by the local police authority.

Please note: Employees who have to go into quarantine are obliged to do their work in the home office according to the regulations of the Baden-Württemberg state government, as far as this is technically and organizationally possible. Those affected should contact their superiors as soon as possible.

Advice from the public health authority

Those returning from abroad can obtain advice on medical questions from the Tübingen Health Authority. 

In case of symptoms contact your family doctor

If typical cold or flu symptoms occur, people returning from abroad should first consult their family doctor after making an appointment by telephone and referring to the previous trip. Alternatively, you can also contact the nationwide medical on-call service (phone 116117).  

Advice from the university medical service

The university medical service is also available for consultation, +49 7071 29-87092, daily 8.30-13.30 hours.

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