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Simply saving energy

Campaign of the University of Tübingen

In the current situation, the University of Tübingen is increasingly focusing on the economical and sustainable use of energy. On posters, social media and DSB-screens, the campaign "Simply saving energy" provides tips for reduced consumption of electricity and heating in the office.

Simply saving energy is also possible at home: using roller blinds as a heat barrier at night, installing water-saving heads in shower heads, sealing windows and doors - even small tricks are a contribution to climate protection. And a relief for the wallet.

The campaign poster is available to download and print out yourself (A3, A4):

Poster 'Simply saving energy', pdf, 6 MB


Switch off PCs and technical equipment correctly in the office

Most technical devices have a power supply unit or standby mode. Since the devices are not completely disconnected from the power supply, they continue to consume electricity. The amount of electricity consumed by standby mode for a single device is small - but with the large number of devices in all areas and offices of the University of Tübingen, many hundreds of kWh of electricity consumption quickly add up every day. Therefore, all employees should pay attention to optimal power management. The University of Tübingen offers employees power strips that can be switched off.

This is how it works:

A disconnectable power strip has four disconnectable plugs and two permanent plugs. All technical devices that can be completely disconnected from the power supply, such as chargers, lamps, PC monitors, desktop printers, etc., are connected to the plugs that can be switched off.
The two permanent plugs are intended for the desktop PC. The PC must always be connected to the mains, as the ZDV regularly updates the computers in the early morning hours. This way, the computers can always be kept up to date and work properly.

It is important to operate the power strip at the end of the working day and before the weekend: Quite conveniently, with the flick of a switch on the power strip, all devices that can be switched off can be set to power off at once (see info on plugs that can be switched off). The PC, however, remains connected to the power supply.

Every member of the university can obtain a disconnectable power strip from the central warehouse.

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