Celebrating 90 Years of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems


The topics of the conference comprise all areas of logic relating in a narrower or wider sense to Gödel's incompleteness results. This includes the history of logic, proof theory, philosophy of mathematics, aspects of incompleteness in computer science and others.

The conference is organised as a collection of workshops for these specific topics.

Important dates

The conference is planned as a hybrid event, taking place online and on site in Tübingen during the week from 5 to 9 July  2021.


Provability predicates (Reinhard Kahle and Paulo Santos)

Higher proof theory after Gödel (Reinhard Kahle)

Gödel's stenographical notes (Maria Hämeen-Ant­tila and Jan von Plato)

Cut-elimination and Herbrand's Theorem (Matthias Baaz and Anela Lolic)

(list to be extended)

Invited speakers





The conference is organised by:

Program committee

Matthias Baaz, Reinhard Kahle, Thomas Piecha, Jan von Plato