Ioannies Chountis, Philosophy (Athens)
Phd: 'Belonging', Language, and Religion: The case of the Muslim Minority in W. Thrace


Nana Louis, Comparative Literature (Tübingen)

Phd: Thinking the en-commun: Community, Entanglement of Temporalities, and the Becoming-in-common in Selected novels by Léonora Miano


Diana-Alexandra Ciobanu, Literary Studies (Bukarest)

Phd: Forms of delocation in the modern literary theory discourse

Chris Ionita Octavian, Philosophy (Bukarest)

Phd: The Reticent Philosophy, or : about the Beginning as a Withdrawal. Negation, Apparition and Appearance

Cristina Dumitru, Philosophy (Bukarest)

Phd: Belonging in the era of technology: Heidegger and the problem of Gestell

Sofia Papaspyrou, Classical Archaeology (Athens)

Phd: Religious tourism in Greece. Impressions and experiences of the traveller following in the footsteps of Apostle Paul

Andreea-Alexandra Ghetu, Philosophy (Bukarest)

Phd: NN

Octavian Puric, Philosophy (Bukarest)

Phd: The Relationship Between Image and Appearance in Plato

Klairi Gianniri, History & Archaeology (Athens)

Phd: Public Archaeology as a means to promote and upgrade remote communities: a case study in mountainous areas of East Crete

Laura Stifter, Philosophy (Bukarest)

Phd: NN

Vanessa Bocanegra Jiménez, Geography, Anthropology (Madrid)

Phd: NN

Anna Strob, Chinese History and Society (Tübingen)

Phd: Translating Renaissance Science to Late Ming China: Alfonso Vagnone’s Kongji gezhi 空際格致 (Investigation into Phenomena in the Atmosphere, c. 1633)

David Lo Ka-Tat, English Literatures (Tübingen)

Phd: Sense and Sensing in John Keats’s Poetry: Towards a Phenomenology of Perception

Nikoleta Zampaki, Modern Greek Philology (Athens)

Phd: The “biocosmic perception” of the “Poet”: Nature and body in Walt Whitman’s and Angelos Sikelianos’ work. Interpretative and comparative approach

Tobias Lebens, New German Literature (Tübingen)

Phd: Literary forensis in German Literature on the Yugoslavian War

Sejal Mielke, Educational Sciences (Tübingen)

Phd: Zugehörigkeit(en). Bildungstheoretische Reflexionen