Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies

Humboldt Lecture Series Summer 2015

15.04., 6 pm

Prof. Dr. Ryosuke Ohashi, Philosophy, Kyoto:

"Self and Person as a Problem of the Intercultural Translation"

Ryosuke Ohashi is a philosopher particularly interested in aesthetics, phenomenology, German Idealism, intercultural philosophy and Japanese philosophy. He has introduced the Kyoto-tradition of Philosophy to a German reading public. Currently his research focusses on "Compassion". Ryosuke Ohashi is working at the Forum Scientiarum of Tuebingen University.

13.05., 6 pm

Prof. Dr. Francine Ntoumi, Medicine, Congo:

"From parasites human bones, where is the missing link?"

Francine Ntoumi is President of the Congolese Foundation for Medical Research. Since January 2009, Prof. Francine Ntoumi is highly involved in developing health research capacities in Central Africa through the regional network of excellence namely Central Africa Network on Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria. Francine Ntoumi is working at the institute of tropical medicine of Tuebingen University.

10.06., 6 pm

Dr. Karen de Jong, Evolutionary Biology, Trondheim:

"Fish sing differently in noisy waters: How human induced noise can affect fish mating behaviour and reproduction."

Karen de Jong is a behavioural ecologist working mainly on reproductive behaviour in fish interested in how changing environments affect sexual selection and reproductive potential. Her favourite model systems are gobies. Karen de Jong is working with the evolution and ecology group of Tuebingen University.

08.07., 6 pm

Prof. Dr. Roy Baumeister, Psychology, Talahassee/Florida:

"Human Nature and Culture: What is the Human Psyche Designed for?"

Roy Baumeister's current research interests focus on Self-control, choice and decision making, on the one hand, and on the need to belong, on the other hand. He is working with Prof. Dr. Astrid Schütz of Bamberg University.