China Centre Tübingen (CCT)

The Rise of China and its Implications for the International Order

China’s growing economic and military power has fueled intense debates about its implications for international order. While some analysts argue that a rising China can be integrated into the current U.S.-dominated liberal international order, others contend that a rising China is inherently revisionist in its geopolitical ambitions. This talk proposes to examine Chinese leaders’ (mis)perceptions of the current international order, their foreign policy goals, what they have done to achieve those goals, and the impact of Chinese foreign policy on the current international order.

Professor Xie Tao has taught at Beijing Foreign Studies University since 2007 and currently serves as Associate Dean of the School of English and International Studies. He holds a BA from Sichuan University and an MA from Beijing Foreign Studies University in China and a PhD in Political Science from Northwestern University, USA.

He teaches a range of courses on both Chinese and US politics and has a research focus on Chinese foreign and security policy, Chinese domestic politics, East Asian regional security, U.S.-China relations and U.S. politics (Congress and public opinion).