Dr. Frank Muyard 梅豪方


Dr. Frank Muyard

Institutional Affiliation:

Research Associate, French Center for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC); Taiwan Fellowship Scholar, RCHSS, Academia Sinica




Dr. Frank Muyard is a Sociologist and Sinologist, currently Assistant Professor, Department of French Studies, National Central University, Taiwan, and Associate Researcher at the French Center for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC).

He was Director of the CEFC Taipei Office from 2004 to 2009, Visiting Scholar at the Center for Asian Studies, University of Colorado Boulder (2010-2012), and 2013 Taiwan Fellowship Scholar at the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS), Academia Sinica. He received his PhD in Sociology at the University of Montreal in Canada, after being trained in Modern Chinese Studies and Sinology (B.A.), and in International Relations and Political Economy (M.A.) at the French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in Paris. He has spent over a decade living and working in Taiwan and China and speaks fluent Chinese.

He is an Editorial Board Member of China Perspectives, and member of the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS).

Dr. Muyard’s research covers the fields of political, cultural, and historical sociology in Taiwan and China as well as the sociology of modernity and postmodernity. He focuses on the issues of national and cultural identity, comparative nationalism and the question of modernity, state, and nation in East Asian and Western societies.


His current research projects center on the rise of Taiwanese national identity under democratization, and on the interactions between nationalism and archaeology in the discourses on Austronesian prehistory in Taiwan. 

Current Research Project

Dr. Muyard is currently completing a book on Taiwanese national identity at the turn of the 21st century. He is also working on a sociology of archaeology in Taiwan and its interactions with state, nationalism, and indigenous peoples.

Recent Publications (selected)

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