Dr. Simona Alba Grano 高喜明


Dr. Simona Alba Grano 高喜明

Institutional Affiliation:

Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Sinology, University of Zürich, Switzerland



Simona A. Grano has obtained her Ph.D. in Chinese Studies from Ca‘ Foscari University of Venice in 2008. From February 2009 she has been working at the University of Zürich, Department of Sinology as lecturer, where she teaches various courses and carries out research on contemporary social problems and green politics in China and Taiwan. Her research interests focus on environmental management and politics, state-society relations, and judicial sector reforms. She has published various articles on environmental politics and social movements in Taiwan and China. A book on the topic of environmental governance in Taiwan will be published in June 2015 with Routledge.

Current Research Project

Journal Papers in English
Grano, Simona Alba (2014), “Change and Continuities: Taiwan’s Post-2008 Environmental Policies”, in: Journal of Current Chinese Affairs. Vol. 43, 3, pp. 129–159.
Grano, Simona Alba. (2014) “Perception of Risk towards Nuclear Energy in Taiwan and Hong Kong” Taiwan in Comparative Perspective. Vol. 5, July 2014, pp. 60–78. ISSN 1752-7732. Open access
Grano, Simona Alba (2012) “Green Activism in Red China: The Role of Shanghai’s ENGOs in Influencing Environmental Politics”, Journal of Civil Society. Vol. 8, 1, pp. 39 - 61.
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Grano, Simona Alba (2008), China’s Environmental Crisis: Why Should We Care? LUND Ed. Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies. Working Paper 28

Book chapters in English
Grano, Simona Alba (2015) “Antinuclear power movement” in Gunter Schubert (ed.) in Handbook of Taiwan Studies, Routdledge (submitted on November 14, 2014).
Grano, Simona Alba (2015) “The role of social media in environmental protest in China” in Hanspeter Kriesi, Daniel Kübler and Lisheng Dong (eds.). Urban mobilization and new media in contemporary China. Ashgate. Accepted on July 16, 2014 (forthcoming in April 2015).
Grano, Simona Alba (2014). Hua Guofeng
華國鋒. In: Brown, Kerry. Berkshire dictionary of Chinese biography. Great Barrington, MA, 1416-1429. DOI.

Monographs in English
Grano, Simona Alba (2015) Environmental Governance in Taiwan. Routledge. Accepted on June 25, 2014. (Forthcoming in June 2015) eISBN: 978-1-315-73658-7.

Journal articles in Italian
Grano, Simona Alba (2009), Cronaca di un dramma silenzioso: come i contadini cinesi tentano di salvare le proprie terre [Cronicle of a silent drama: how Chinese farmers are trying to save their lands]. Annali di Ca’ Foscari XLVII, 3 (s. or. 39): 169-197.
Grano, Simona Alba (2008), Legge sui diritti reali: Cina e Italia, due realtà a confronto [Law on real rights: Chinese and Italian situation compared]. Mondo Cinese n. 134 (Jan-Mar): 34-45.
Grano, Simona Alba (2007), Recenti emendamenti costituzionali e proprietà della terra nella R.P.C. [Recent constitutional amendments and land property in the P.R.C]. In Atti Convegno Aisc 2007 (in publication).
Grano, Simona Alba (2007), Lo spinoso problema della proprietà della terra in Cina [The crucial issue of land property in China]. Mondo Cinese n. 130 (Jan-Mar): 27-42.

Book chapters in Italian
Grano, Simona Alba 2010. “Attivismo verde: un’analisi delle organizzazioni ambientaliste nella Cina di oggi” [Green Activism: an analysis of green movements in contemporary China]” in Germogli di Società Civile in Cina [Buds of democracy in China], Francesco Brioschi (ed.). Pp. 185-196.
Grano, Simona Alba (2006), Ambiente e Risorse Energetiche in Cina [Environment and Energy Resources in China]. In Magda Abbiati (eds.). Propizio è intraprendere imprese [The reward of setting up an enterprise]. Venezia: Libreria Editrice Ca’Foscarina. Pp. 135-146.

Monographs in Italian (Ph.D. dissertation)
Grano, Simona Alba. L’evoluzione del diritto di proprietà in Cina” (The evolution of property right in China); published in the forms of various articles between 2007-2009 –see section “Journals in Italian”.

Editorial projects
Ralph Weber, Grano, Simona Alba and Philipp Hetmanczyk (eds.) 2015. “The Chinese Communist Party and the Politicization of Traditions”. Topical Issue of Asiatische Studien/Études asiatiques 69 (1) (forthcoming in March 2015). DOI 10.1515/asia-2015-0012.
Grano, Simona Alba (ed.) 2015. “China’s Changing Environmental Governance System” in China Information (forthcoming).

Book reviews, interviews
Grano, Simona Alba. (2014) Book review: Emissions, Pollutants and Environmental Policy in China: Designing a National Emissions Trading System in China Information 28: 101-102, doi:10.1177/0920203X13519925d
Grano, Simona Alba. (2013). Interview for Li Keqiang's official visit to Switzerland on the renminribao:
瑞士專家稱李克強訪問瑞士意義重大(Swiss expert considers Li Keqiang visit as very important). Online link.
Grano, Simona Alba (2012). Interview. «Natürlich ist die Zentralregierung beunruhigt» Warum der arabische Frühling nicht auf China übergreift (Interview von Alice Kohli mit Simona Grano). In: NZZ, 16 February 2012.online.