Sascha Zhivkov


Sascha Zhivkov

  Resident Fellow
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Sascha Zhivkov, M.A., studied Chinese Studies and Political Science at Tuebingen and Peking University. He is a Research Assistant and Junior Lecturer at the Chair of Greater China Studies. In his PhD project, he analyzes the current and future role of Taiwanese investment in Mainland China (and the whole region) against the backdrop of a transforming Mainland market.

Main Research Project

The role of ideology in Chinese politics, especially history politics; regional integration in East and Southeast Asia (economic, political); Chinese foreign cultural policy and intercultural exchange; challenges of urbanization in the PRC.



Hefele, Peter; Merkle, David; Zhivkov, Sascha (2015): Mit Konfuzius nach Afrika. Wie Auswärtige Kulturpolitik Chinas Stimme und Sicht der Welt vermitteln soll, in: KAS Auslandsinformationen 5/2015, 58-75.

Zhivkov, Sascha (2015): Myths and Mobilization Matter: Increasing Agency of Chinese Activist Groups in the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Conflict, GCS Master Thesis Collection.

Zhivkov, Sascha (2011): Die Chinesische Arbeitseinheit (danwei) heute: Zwischen Reform, Vorbild und Marginalisierung, GCS Bachelor Thesis Collection.