Huang Kai-shen 黃凱紳


Huang Kai-shen 黃凱紳


Home Institiution:

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Oxford University

Duration of Stay: November 2016 to February 2017


I am an anthropologist with particular interests and expertise in the anthropology of Chinese law and ethics, especially in the ethnographic settings of China’s cross-border commercial dispute resolution and outbound investment in developing economies. My fieldwork to date has been in China, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. Currently, I am a postdoctoral scholar at the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI) of Academia Sinica (Taiwan), where I am conducting research into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for dispute resolution in China and China’s AI development policy and its implications for global governance more broadly.


Qualifications: DPhil in Anthropology (Oxford) 2020, MPhil in Social Anthropology (Oxford) 2016, LLM (National Taiwan University) 2012, LLB (National Taiwan University) 2009.