Su huan-wen

Name: Su Huan-wen 蘇煥文  
Home institution: National Taiwan University

Duration of Stay: to be confirmed

Research Project: Cross-Strait relations, territorial sovereignty and sea rights disputes of Taiwan


Huan-wen Su is a Ph.D. candidate at the National Taiwan University. He completed a Master in Law with an International law of sea and law issues of South China Sea disputes from National Taiwan University of Law Department in 2016. The thesis has great importance in exploring connotation of principles of acquiring territorial sovereignty over islands, combing the history of all parties’ activities on the Spratly Islands of South China Sea, analyzing the historical claims and sovereign acts of Taiwan (R.O.C.), China (P.R.C.), France, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines in perspective of contemporary international law. His research main focuses on Cross-Strait relations, territorial sovereignty and sea rights disputes of Taiwan. On the other hand, due to attracted by predictable weather and deep enthusiasm in meteorology, He had been educated at Workshop of Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan and N.T.U. with majoring in weather forecast, typhoon, earthquake and other earth science issues in Master period. He is observing Taiwanese political and social transformation since Bachelor period and is also interested in Taiwanese Han’s ethic languages. Therefore, he, as country child from Tainan, hopes to seek re-shaped or correct the Western viewpoint of Taiwan that is affected by non-native scholars through the research project.