More than 500 students and staff of the university took part in the HSP-RadCHALLENGE this year and got on their bikes every day. The goal was to cover as many kilometers as possible, but at least 600km with your own team of 5 and your bike, to leave your car behind and thus make a small contribution to the environment - doing something good for your health and at the same time for the environment has never been so easy!  And also the social contacts and the team spirit, which unfortunately often suffer from the pandemic, should be awakened again!

It didn't matter whether it was the way to work, a leisure tour or a few kilometers to the supermarket - every kilometer counted and everyone in the team contributed to the overall goal: namely to cover the distance from Tübingen to Brazil - a total of 9,426km - where a tree planting campaign was to be supported. Sport connects and this was shown once again by the HSP-RadCHALLENGE.

A total of 39 trees were donated, 110,317 km were "cycled" and more than 17 tons of CO2 were saved. The distance from Germany to Brazil was cycled 12 times! No matter if "strong" or "weak" on a bicycle, road bike or e-bike - the HSP-RadCHALLENG showed that we can reach our goal together and that everyone contributes to it!

In the end, all but a few of the 12 teams reached the total goal of 600km and were able to secure a place in the lottery!In the following video you can find out if your team was drawn from the lottery pot - aka bicycle helmet - and which prizes you won in this case!  At this point a big THANK YOU to all our partners and supporters: Techniker Krankenkasse, Rad und Tat, Volksbank Tübingen, Necker SUP, Neckarmüller, tübinger Tigers.


Lottery pot - find out in the video if your team has won a prize!

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* Theoretical CO2 savings calculated on the basis of the number of kilometers cycled compared to a 6 liter diesel consumption of a passenger car per 100km (https://www.mit-dem-rad-zur-arbeit.de/bayern/co2rechner.php).

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