Competition Program


The adh organizes more than 50 competitive events in more than 30 sports nationwide each year. In addition to the respective German University Championships (Deutsche Hochschulmeisterschaften, DHM) and the German University Cup events (Deutscher Hochschulpokal, DHP), in which smaller Universities participate, adh-Open or adh-Trophies also take place.

The adh-Open or adh-Trophies enable member Universities to conduct a national performance comparison in the so-called fringe sports. Thereby, the adh does justice to its range of sports, which extends from ball sports and classic disciplines to newly emerging trend sports.
Students and staff of adh member Universities are able to participate in these competition events as team- but also as individual starters for their University. Some Universities have formed competition cooperatives, because otherwise they cannot find enough active people to participate for example in team sports.

You can find more information on the ADH homepage.

Other events / amateur sports


University Cup and student discount at the 30th Stuttgart Run 2023

This year, the 30th Stuttgart Run on May 20/21, 2023, will once again feature the additional University Cup 2023.
The university that sends the most students and employees into the race will be the winner. In order to participate in the ranking, the additional ranking "Stuttgart-Lauf Hochschul-Cup" must be checked during the registration process and a uniform university name must be entered. 

In addition, there is a discount of 6.00 euros on the regular participation fee for students. For this purpose, a valid certificate of enrollment or a valid student ID must be uploaded during the registration process.

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