International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW)


Flexible, semi-automatic Analysis System for the Evaluation of Mass Video Data

Workshop: Surveillance, Terrorism, Normality?

Tübingen, July 16-17, 2018

We are currently organizing the workshop „Surveillance, Terrorism, Normality?“ at Tübingen University (July 16-17, 2018). The workshop is intended as an opportunity to bring surveillance studies, security studies, ethics and terrorism studies together and to initiate a dialogue between junior and senior researchers in these fields. We are happy to announce Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly (University of Warwick), Dr Andrew Neal (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Matthias Leese (ETH Zurich) as keynote speakers.

Please follow this link for the Call for Papers.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is April 22, 2018.

FLORIDA is a German-Austrian cooperation project that develops a system for the visual and auditory analysis of image and video mass data. The German part of the project concentrates on image and video analysis, while the Austrian partners focus on the evaluation of the audio track.

The project will develop a system for the visual and auditory analysis of heterogeneous mass image and video data, such as those provided by witnesses in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. The system will use methods such as geo-spatial crime scene reconstruction, visual analytics, generic object search and audio analysis. The ethical investigations at the IZEW deal with the ethically acceptable collection, processing and analysis of mass image and video data.


  • Period: Dezember 2016 – November 2018

  • Project sponsor: VDI Technologiezentrum