Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

The Teaching Profession

Conceptual Approach

The University of Tübingen offers Teaching Degree Programmes for Teaching at Secondary Schools (Gymnasium, Grades 5-12).

A strong focus on the different aspects of the teaching profession is set. This includes classes within education science and within the teachable subjects (especially subject didactices /teaching methodology), a variety of compulsory or elective school internships and further opportunities.

The Tübingen School of Education focuses particularly on competency theory, structural theory and profession-related biographical approaches.

'The Teaching Profession' includes research-based, reflective, analytical and conceptual approaches to practice rather than intuitive or instructional approaches to a teacher's actions in class.

In academic teaching, this may include systematic analyses of teaching sequences via video clips, via case studies, via reflective work during school internships or within Tübingen University's Portfolio approach.

The Tübingen School of Education has cooperations with the Governmental Institute of Didactics and Teacher Education Tübingen regarding projects as the common Portfolio Approach, in preparatory and follow-up work of the Internship Semester and regarding the classes on ,Profession and Professional Work I‘ in the Bachelor of Education Programme.

In order to support this field of work, the chair on research on teachers and teacher education with special emphasis on subject didactics has been established (Prof. Dr. Colin Cramer).


Professional-related elements have been enhanced step by step during the introduction of the new study programmes (Bachelor and Master of Education instead of the former Staatsexamen).

These profession-related elements and projects are currently offered:

For students

For teachers