Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Project ProfiL - A Professional Advisory Program for Education Students

ProfiL offers a system of consultation, oriented towards the occupational biographies of prospective teachers, which systematically accompanies their individual professionalization processes. Based on research findings about the influence of individualized entry requirements on the process of professionalization, ProfiL provides a protected framework by allowing consultants outside of the University to help students develop of knowledge relevant to their professional biography and profession-specific behavioral expectations. On this basis, from the localization of objective requirements of one’s study and future profession on one hand, to the use of subjective resources on the other hand, an individual development plan can be derived. The productive integration of different types of knowledge from various learning environments (i.e. university, real-life practice, other informal environments) supports not only the sought-after education and stabilization of the professionally-desirable ability of self-reflection, but also the development of a professional teacher identity.


Our counselling sessions employ manualized topics and means of self-reflection; counselors are accordingly trained beforehand. To allow priorities to be set alongside the the process of individual professionalization, participating students are required to come together twice a semester in group sessions. Each group is of a small size, which remains constant throughout the semester.


The project is made up of two central components: the development and implementation of a wide range of innovative and relevant consulting services, and further research on current professional developments and the impacts of these new consulting services within the context of a Mixed-Methods Approach.


Eligibility requirements: ProfiL‘s advisory program begins every second semester. Students who began their teacher education program in the prior Winter Term may register from January to April.

Project Leadership
Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer, Department of Social Education, Institute of Education
Prof. Dr. Marc Weinhardt, Protestant University Darmstadt, School of Professional Education


Project Contact

Kathrin Kniep, M.A.
kathrin.kniepspam prevention@tuese.uni-tuebingen.de

Adresse: Münzgasse 26, 72070 Tübingen, Raum 317
Telefon: 07071-29-76963


Former Project Employees

Aline Christ, Dipl.-Päd.
Marie Thomas, M.A.
Kristin Carfagno , M.A.