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Subjects Didactics and Educational Sciences: a comparative perspective on the contents and aims of subject didactics and educational sciences within teaching degree programs

Brief Description

Subject didactics and educational studies are fundamental and characteristic elements of teacher education in Germany and many other countries. From an international perspective, it is clear that “subject didactic and educational elements” manifest differently in the curricula of different countries, since they serve different purposes.

The goal is to identify regional (or national) differences between didactic and educational courses, which are examined in the context of educational policy requirements. These differences are related to perspectives of educational experts from various countries in order to create a typology.

Research Design

The data collection includes a document analysis, which analyzes ministerial and university guidelines for secondary-level teacher education programs in various countries. In a second part of the study, interviews will be conducted with experts involved in teacher education. Data are collected in up to four European countries.


1. Document analysis: evaluation of conditions at four European universities (in four different countries)

1.1 Political requirements

1.2 University curricula and module plans

2. Expert interviews with education researchers from the fields of subject didactics, education sciences, and educational sciences/school pedagogy


Ministry of Arts and Sciences Baden-Württemberg support program "Teacher Education in Baden-Württemberg", funding line 1

Additional funding from the University of Tübingen


2016 - 2022


Elisabeth Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bohl, Prof. Dr. Karin Amos, Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler


Elisabeth Hofmann
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