Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Support of Practice-Oriented Competence Development in University Teacher Education

Problem Statement/Objective of the Special Interest Group (SIG)

The SIG aims at advancing the discourse on the conceptualization, assessment, and promotion of practice-oriented competence development in university teacher education beyond the boundaries of educational sciences and individual subject didactics. It focuses on the central question of how university teacher education can contribute to facilitating the acquisition of practically relevant professional knowledge at an early stage of competence acquisition. Various research studies, for example from pedagogical-psychological teaching-learning research, emphasize the necessity of systematically linking professional knowledge with relevant practice characteristics for professional development processes. In the international discourse, it has therefore been proposed to begin mapping out and supporting the development of professional competences in the study phase, using learning opportunities that allow a step-by-step approach to real practice requirements. Such practice-oriented learning opportunities are characterized by a gradual increase in their authenticity, their complexity with regard to the professional requirement situation, their possibility for actual professional action and their focus on different application-related aspects of professional competence development (e.g. reflection through case work, professional perception in video observations, performance in simulation-based teaching settings). In designing such learning opportunities, different theoretical and empirical approaches to assumptions about professionalization come into play among those involved in teacher education. The SIG’s work is therefore intended to facilitate exchange on these issues with all representatives of university teacher education in Tübingen. The SIG provides a forum in which theoretical concepts and empirical findings on practically relevant competence development, coming from various subjects and thematic areas, can be discussed and bundled in joint research work to design practice-oriented learning opportunities.


Prof. Dr. Kathleen Stürmer (Empirical Education Research)


Prof. Dr. Taiga Brahm (Economic Didactics and Education), Dr. Judith Glaesser (Methods Center), Prof. Dr. Augustin Kelava (Methods Center), Prof. Dr. Marcus Syring (Educational Science, School Pedagogy), Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer (Educational Science, Social Pedagogy)